Martha's Marvellous Jumping Juice

Martha's Marvellous Jumping Juice


Made in collaboration with Lady Martha Sitwell, the queen of sidesaddle riding this brand new drink is a mix of our plum gin, our London Dry 48% and a mix of spices redolent of spiced poached apples and pears.

Designed as the perfect flask filler for all those brave enough to be out on horseback, this is stronger than most of our fruit gins at 25% ABV and has a marvellous long aftertaste.

Best of all, we teamed up with Lady Martha to ensure that between us we support the charities that look after people who have serious falls when out riding. So 20% of the net proceeds after VAT are being donated to Spinal Injuries charities. Hence the slight increase in price and I am afraid no case discount. We want to raise as much money as possible.  


Don't forget shipping is free on all orders over £90, that's only 4x 70cl bottles

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